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Plays for Young Actors and Young Audiences

StageOne Family Theatre, 2020

Photo credit: Jon Cherry 

Lawbreakers! (a fast and furious history of women's suffrage)
flexible; at least 5w, 1m

Lawbreakers! is a 75-minute whirlwind about two stepsisters who have a terrible fight, bonk heads, and awake to find themselves at the Akron Women’s Rights Convention of 1851. From there, they whizz through seven decades of US history, meeting a host of suffragists, abolitionists, and freedom fighters—Sojourner Truth, Ida B. Wells, Angelina Weld Grimké, Alice Paul, and the Remond sisters, to name a few. Think: intersectional feminism meets Bill and Ted. Producing theatres are encouraged to register young voters after the show.


Premiere: StageOne Family Theatre

Directed by Sydney Chatman


Commissioned by StageOne Family Theatre

Creede Repertory Theatre, 2019.

Photo credit: John Gary Brown.

flexible, 11ish to 22ish

Abigail's mother is an Antarctic explorer, Sonny's is a lion tamer, and Tyler's dad holds the world record for shallow diving. What's a child to do when their parent is hellbent on flirting with death? Why, they join a support group, of course. Derring-Do takes us inside the world of CODI—Children of Daredevils International. This circus-infused tragicomedy explores childhood anxiety, parental angst, and the fear of loss in a melting world.  

Commissioned and Produced by Creede Repertory          Theatre. Directed by Brittni Shambaugh Addison.

Cleveland Play House Theatre Academy 2018.

Photo credit: Michelle Berki.

The Starkweather-South High School Physics Club First Annual End-of-Year Lock-In, or ghost party
6w, 1m

“Phones off; friends on!” When their annual end-of-year trip to Cedar Point is cancelled for mysterious reasons, the six teens of the Starkweather-South High School Physics Club settle for an overnight lock-in at their school. But, this seemingly lame sleepover soon morphs into a night to remember! Friendships are tested. Secrets are revealed. Spontaneous dance parties emerge. And, the school’s resident ghost roams the halls. A comedic-drama about the bonds of friendship and having the courage to be yourself.

Premiere: Cleveland Play House Theatre Academy. Directed by Brittni Shambaugh Addison.

Subsequent productions:

Youth Theatre Northwest (Seattle). Directed by Erin


Kaiser High School (Honolulu).

Commissioned by Cleveland Play House 

The Baker Goes to War
(co-written with Steve Moulds)
flexible, 12ish to 30ish

In the midst of a never-ending war, a baker rises to fame with the most delicious confections anyone’s ever tasted. But when a group of opportunistic investors discovers her secret ingredient, they cook up a scheme to keep profits flowing—even if it sabotages the baker’s chance at happiness. 

Commissioned and produced by Commonwealth 

   Theatre Center

Photos courtesy of Commonwealth Theatre Center, 2015.

Photos courtesy of Commonwealth Theatre Center, 2014.

Dorina and the Plague
flexible; 12ish to 30ish

Many generations ago (though not as many as you might think) a terrible plague descended on the inhabitants of a remote Italian mountain village. While doctors, con artists, and civic leaders scramble for a cure—and for profit—the intrepid Dorina takes matters into her own hands in this new fairy tale full of charlatans, rats, evil stepmothers, and some curiously powerful cloves of garlic.

Commissioned and produced by Commonwealth

   Theatre Center

Photos courtesy of Commonwealth Theatre Center, 2014.